Press release: Children's centre in Aarlesche Erven

On Thursday 2 June, Best municipality, Best Education Foundation and childcare centre signed
Korein a cooperation agreement to build an integrated child centre (ICC) in the
new residential area Aarlesche Erven in Best. Children aged 0 to 13 from the neighbourhood and surrounding
(outer) area of Aarle will soon be able to come here for care and education. This will also be the
new location for children of Heydonck Heivelden. The sustainable building will also house a
meeting space for staff and the neighbourhood.
Construction work is expected to start during 2023.

Connection with nature
In the new residential area Aarlesche Erven, nature plays an important role. This is no different in the new child centre
The parties involved are explicitly looking at how to connect with nature, and sustainability
is an important aspect in the programme of requirements.
So, great attention will be paid to the choice of materials and the building will be as energy-neutral
As possible. Nature is also given an important role in the programme of care and education,
for example through outdoor lessons.
Firm vision
In the child centre, education, pre-school and childcare work closely together, with
shared development goals and in a continuous line Children can play and learn there based
on interest or development. they work on real problems there, together with the environment.
In addition to world citizenship and social engagement, there is naturally plenty of attention to
a solid supply of the basic skills of reading, language and arithmetic. Parallel to the construction of the
new child centre, the care and education offer will be further fleshed out.
Look ahead
It is expected that the new children's centre can be commissioned after the summer holidays of 2024
be operational, subject to delays caused by unforeseen circumstances. The
child centre will be (legally) owned by the Best Education Foundation. They are also building owners. On the
website, more information will be available in the new school year
about the child centre in Aarlesche Erven.

Note to editors, not for publication
Do you have any questions about this message? Please contact Willem Kock, director Best
Education, tel. 0499-376120.

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