Name and logo unveiled on building sign, July 2023

In the presence of Fons Smolders (Best municipality), Veronique Zeeman (Best municipality alderman), Ruby Haring (Korein), Willem Kock (director Best Education Foundation), Rosita Steltenpool (SteltenpoolABC), Niels Peters (SORS architects), Wouter van Erp and Ted van Schijndel (van der Horst contractors), Regé van Duijnhoven (BCC Bouwmanagement) Harald Verhoeven (Gabriëls Elektro), Jarno Verstraten (Van Haren Installations), Linda van den Helm and Anka van Lieshout (Best Education) and, of course, the people from the press, Marieke Snoeks (future director) unveiled the building sign bearing the new name and accompanying logo of the new Children's Centre to be built in the Aarlesche Erven district on 4 July 2023.

"We are building Op 't Erf!, a new building for care and education. A nice place where 0 to 13-year-olds can develop into 'world changers'." Says Marieke. "We will start here in early 2025. The new building will immediately be filled with new children and children who move to this location from De Heydonck Heivelden. The offer we will offer here is therefore very much in line with the out-of-school education we are already used to at De Heydonck. Only here, the building is also completely designed for this offer. No traditional classrooms, but several rooms with unique 'labs'. In addition, every room has a veranda, making indoor and special education possible at all times. At 't Erf, we create a fine learning environment in which every child gets optimal opportunities to develop themselves and grow together with others to become worldly."

At 't Erf, you become "wereldwijzer."

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